ISBN: 9781909049079
Book Type: Paperback & eBook
Release Date: 14th January 2013
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Full Description:

'Brett Mckay, a cowboy drifter, saves a rich Texan saloon owner from a stage coach hold up. As a way of payment she gives him the job of delivering a ransom to the governor of a border Mexican province, the ransom, is to save her former partner, a gun runner, from being hanged.
On the way Brett clashes with Juano, a Mexican bandit controlling the border, who learns of the ransom and seeks to  steal it.
In the course of his journey he has various adventures and rescues Maria, a rancher's daughter, from Juano's clutches.
In the climax to the story there is a final showdown and shoot out in the capital of the province with Brett facing the governor and Juano.

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