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...And Man Created God!

Garry Hibberd

Gary Hibberd - ...And Man Created God!

DNA is extracted from the Turin shroud and experts in cloning technology see this as the chance of a lifetime. A baby boy is born and given the name of Mark. He is passed to surrogate parents.

By the age of eleven years, Mark is displaying skills beyond his years. The scientists who developed him are delighted. Then Mark begins to have visions of a past life.
And it is now that the lives of the scientists themselves are in danger, as, one by one, they are found murdered, and in an horrific manner.
The police discover that one of the objects found at the scene of a murder is a page from the Book of Revelations, which refers to the End days, where seven bowls are poured over the earth to purge it of sin. 
A priest from the Vatican, Father Alessandro, is involved in some way. But in what way? Is he an angel or a devil? What dark secrets does he possess? And will Mark, the marvellous boy, survive?
'An exciting tale that grips from beginning to end.'
Paperback ISBN -978-1-907690-12-9
Kinglake Fiction

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