Have a book you want to publish? Looking for a UK Book Publisher and professional typesetter. Creative Print Publishing is an independent print ready assisted authorial contribution publishing company with many years’ experience, offering authors our assisted authorial book publishing services and professional typesetting services. There is no better time than now to use our book publishing services. We are the authors book publishing choice, we are your book publisher of choice. We can assist you with everything from our book cover design service, professional typesetting and getting your book published. This can include eBook conversion.

We have discovered that there are in the English-speaking world many unpublished authors who deserve to be published. There is a lot of hidden talent, some of it submerged in the slush piles of agents and of large publishing houses. It is cruel and deceitful to claim that if you have written a good book, you will one day find a publisher. Many have discovered the lies behind this claim.

Book Publishers
and agents say things like:

  • our list is full;
  • we are a small publisher/agency and do not have financial resources;
  • there is an economic recession in the world;
  • your book is not suitable for our list.

There are many more excuses. You will, perhaps, have seen these excuses in rejection slips you have collected. What they do not tell you is that book publishers and agents often belong to small cliques in London or New York where what you know is less important than who you know.

But people are reading more than ever before. Sales are booming, especially on the Internet, through Amazon and other online retailers. Book shops are packed. People are reading. So why should they not be reading your book?

Genres that we will consider

all kinds of fiction, including crime, romance, chick lit, war, historical, detective, crime, sci fi, horror, contemporary, children, teenage and Westerns.

all genres including history, culture, philosophy, psychology, sociology, science, travel, education, textbooks, belles lettres, essays.

Life Histories
Books of remembrance of a loved one
Family histories
Histories of a place or a house